10th French-Israeli Course in Radiology

10th French-Israeli Course in Radiology


30th January – 1st February, 2017

I N S C R I P T I O N : [email protected]

Under the auspice of Société Française de Radiologie, Israel Radiological Association, Ambassade de France en Israël

Presidents: Pr Nathalie Boddaert (Hôpital Necker, Paris), Pr Jacob Sosna (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Scientific Secretary: Dr Laurence Bellaïche (Paris), Michal AMITAI (Sheba Medical Center), Pr Nurith HILLER (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

EUROPEAN Accreditation by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (in progress)

SFR Accreditation (FMCRIM) (in progress)

Scientific Comity

Body: Dr Michal Amitai, Pr. Arie Blachar, Pr Yves Menu, Dr Marie-Pierre Vullierme

Pelvis: Dr Anne-Elodie Millischer-Bellaïche, Dr Orith Portnoy, Dr Tamar Sela

Chest: Dr Galit Aviram, Pr Catherine Beigelman, Pr Marie-Pierre Revel, Pr Dorith Shaham

Heart: Pr Eli Konen, Pr Jean-Michel Serfaty

MSK: Pr Martine Cohen-Solal, Pr Iris Eshed, Dr Daniela Militianu

Breast: Dr Corinne Balleyguier, Dr Miri Skair-Levy

Neuro: Dr Ruth Eliahou, Dr Françoise Héran, Dr Tali Jonas, Pr Jean-François Meder, Pr Jean-Luc Sarrazin

Pediatrics: Pr Nathalie Boddaert, Pr Liora Kornreich


Monday 30th January 2017


Welcome speech: Laurence BELLAICHE

Moderators: Pr Iris ESHED / Jack APPELBAUM

8:30 Pr Mark KRANSDORF: Fundamental Concepts in the Evaluation of Osseous Lesions
9:00 Pr Mark KRANSDORF: Incidental Osseous Lesions: When to Worry!
9:30 Mary HOCHMAN: MRI of Muscles

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 Pr Mihra TALJANOVIC: Ultrasound of Elbow Ligaments, Tendons and Nerves
11:00 Pr Mihra TALJANOVIC: MRI of Elbow Ligaments, Tendons and Nerves
11:30 Joel NEWMAN: Sports Injuries of the Foot: Multimodality Imaging with Emphasis on MRI

12:00 Lunch break

Moderators: David PETROVER / Jonathan SILVERA

13:00 John CARRINO: What Lumbar MRI Findings are Relevant?
13:30 Mary HOCHMAN: MRI of Bone Marrow
14:00 Kimberly AMRANI: MRI of Peripheral Nerves – Lower extremity

14:30 Break

15:00 Jonathan SILVERA: Nerve Entrapment in the Upper Limb
15:30 David PETROVER: Carpal Tunnel
16:00 Laurence BELLAICHE: Imaging of the Hip

16:30-17:30 QUIZ
/ Myriam STERN

Tuesday 31st January 2017


Moderators: Pr Dorith GOLDSCHER, Rotem SIVAN-HOFFMANN

8:30 Sigal TAL: Brachial plexus MRI
9:00 Françoise HERAN: Horner syndrome: the essential
9:30 Pr Catherine OPPENHEIM: MR cases review series: the woman’s brain

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 Pr Jérôme HODEL: CSF flow Imaging
11:00 Haris SAIR: Utilizing diffusion tensor imaging in brain tumor Imaging
11:30 Tali JONAS-KIMCHI: Vascular lesion of the spine

12:00 Lunch break

Moderators: Françoise HERAN / Pr Catherine OPPENHEIM

13:00 Pr Jérôme HODEL: New trends in vascular imaging with ASL & SWI
13:30 Pr Catherine OPPENHEIM: Neuroimaging findings in epilepsy
14:00 Françoise HERAN: Midline lesions: the usefull overview

14:30 Break

15:00 Haris SAIR: Functional MRI in presurgical brain mapping

15:30/17:00 QUIZ

Session 2: 1st French-Israeli Course in Fetal and Neonatal Imaging

Welcome speech: Pr Nathalie BODDAERT

8:30/12:00  HEART

Moderators: Pr Laurent FERMONT / Pr Azariah REIN

2D Imaging in congenital cardiopathies

8:30 Maryline LEVY: Segmental analysis of the fetal heart
9:00 Laurent FERMONT: Advantages of prenatal diagnosis: forecasting neonatal emergencies
9:30 Pr Azariah REIN: Functional analysis of the fetal heart

10:00 Coffee break

3D Imaging in congenital cardiopathies

10:30 Max GODFREY:  MRI in neonatal cardiopathies
11:00 Pr Simha YAGEL: Fetal cardiopathies: 3D sonography MRI in fetal cardiopathies
11:30 Conclusion: Pr Alain SERRAF Advantages of prenatal Imaging for  cardiovascular surgeons

12:00 Lunch break


Moderators: Pr Laurent SALOMON, Ori SHEN

13:00 Pr Reuven ACHIRON: Intra Uterine Growth Retardation: Beyond biometry
13:30 Pr Nathalie BODDAERT / Anne Elodie MILLISCHER: Imaging Fetal and Neonatal CMV neuro-infections
14:00 Pr Nathalie BODDAERT / Anne Elodie MILLISCHER: Imaging Fetal and Neonatal posterior fossa

14:30 Break

15:00 Israel SHAPIRO: Facial Imaging
15:30 Anne Elodie MILLISCHER / Pr Laurent SALOMON: Placental invasion Imaging  (sonography/MRI)
16:00 Liat BENSIRA: Corpus callusum anomalies
16:30 Philippe BOUKOBZA: Works of the Collège Français d’Echographie Foetale
17:00/17:30 Pr Laurent SALOMON: Conclusions

Wednesday 1st February 2017


Moderators: Sandra CANALE / Orit GOLAN

8:30 Miri SKAIR-LEVY / Tali ARAZI: Breast MRI: How I do it
9:00 Pr Cédric de BAZILAIRE: Diffusion in breast Imaging
9:30 Miri SKAIR-LEVY / Tali ARAZI: Breast MRI: How I read it

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 Pr Cédric de BAZILAIRE: Updates in new BIRADS 2013 at MR
11:00 Sandra CANALE: Imaging children’s ovaries
11:30 Carla da COSTA: Imaging ovaries in adults

12:00 Lunch break

Moderators: Pr Nurith HILLER / Pr Marcia JARVITT

13:00 Pr Marcia JARVITT: Beyond the regular lectures on adnexal masses and pelvis emergencies
13:30 Yael INBAR: Imaging endometriosis
14:00 Sandra CANALE: Uterus Cancer at MR

14:30 Break

15:00 Pr Marcia JARVITT: Bleeding after menopause
15:30 Yael INBAR: Treatment of the myometer with radiofrequency

16:00/17:30 QUIZ
Sandra CANALE / Carla DA COSTA / Olivier OUHIOUN

I N S C R I P T I O N : [email protected]

Billet d’avion remboursé à hauteur de 500 Euros aux Internes et CCA en Radiologie qui auront participé à l’intégralité des cours

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